This is your call to adventure

Nervous to take the leap?
Don’t worry, we brought snacks and a trail map.


We know you are crazy talented and sitting on something genius.

We know that having a successful business is a life-long dream.  It’s about the freedom of being your own boss. The excitement of sharing your craft with the world. It’s the sweat, and tears, and late night hours to know that you built this from the ground up. It’s the daring adventure of it all.

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We believe your business identity should reflect this level of awesome.

We believe that having a brand that represents your work, speaks to your audience, and that you are just crazy about is key to getting this thing to the next level. Fret no longer, your guides have arrived and we’ve navigated these waters before.



Jump on in, the water is fine!


“Working with Launch Sessions was an absolute dream. They’re practically telepathic, and I love how what I discussed with one got wrapped into the process of the other.  Katrina’s design completely exceeded my expectations, and Ariana’s guidance and accountability were exactly what was needed to keep me on track.
If you’re thinking about working with Launch Sessions, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Natanya Lara  |  natanyalara.com




Whether you are starting something from the ground up or up-leveling a business that is well established, our 4-week Identity Launch Session is the first step in building a brand that works for you.  




When you become a part of the Launch Sessions family, we treat you as one of our own. This means you can also count on all of the following:

Connections |  We love matchmaking! If we know someone who needs to know you, we don't hesitate to introduce.  Whether it is a mutual collaborator or a recommended service provider, we love sharing our contacts.

PR | We always share our client’s launches on our blog and with our social media network. We want to support your launch and share it with the world!

Resources | If we have a resource that will make your life easier we will be sure to pass along. From a spreadsheet we use ourselves to a DIY tutorial of one of our favorite online tools, we always share our tried and true systems with our clients.


“If it weren't for Katrina and Ariana’s guidance, tough love, and expertise I would still be waiting for just the right moment to start my business. The ladies of Launch Sessions have truly helped me realize a long sought after dream...and it's only the beginning!”

Jessica Henry  |  www.jessicanoelstudio.com



Hello, we are Flight Design Co. a strategy and design studio helping creative businesses reach new heights.  

The Team | Katrina, Ariana and Matt are your flight crew offering unique skills and expertise to support your latest project.


For our more about our little crew visit flightdesign.co