Review of the Slot Machine Beasty Blox Gigablox

Supporters of Yggdrasil Gaming Jelly has pulled Gigablox, the slot mechanism of its better established partner, out for another blast. Buffalo Blox Gigablox was Jelly’s last excursion, and while it looked great, it ultimately fell short when compared to the ever-expanding lineup of Gigablox video slots. Jelly has returned with another animal-themed installment, but this time with an entirely new group of animals. Beasty Blox Gigablox is the end product, a jungle-themed video game featuring both a more traditional set of Gigablox elements than the previous game and some fairly cool new features.

Beasty Blox, the kings of the forest, welcome you. Gigablox is kept in a densely forested area with an air of foreboding menace. The bobbing spear on the left and the pole with the skull smashed on top may cause brave travelers to doubt their path. The message is very clear: no one is welcome on this property. Someone has the impression that the aggressive group is made up of animals playing human instead of actual humans. Beasty Blox, like Buffalo Blox, has an appealing visual style, with artwork that is both polished and brimming with cool details of all sizes.

Jelly’s decision to leave the default RTP number at 95% isn’t horrible, but a higher value would have made Beasty Blox more competitive with its Gigablox rivals. Anyway, it has a highly unstable mathematical model and can only be played in one certain method. That is, betting 20 percent to fifty pounds or euros every spin, with no ante bet or feature purchase available to potentially skip to the more thrilling parts.

Beasty Blox Gigablox’s playing field is constructed from four laced-together wooden pieces. It includes 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4,096 ways to win, with payouts occurring when matching symbols appear on neighboring reels, beginning on the leftmost reel. A win with 6 OAK pays 1 to 1.5 times the wager, while wins with the snake, crocodile, lion, and gorilla pay 3 to 6 times the wager for the same number of symbols. Skull wilds can appear anywhere on the reels save the center four, and they can aid complete winnings by substituting for other pay symbols.

Insane Blox Slot Functions in Gigablox

Common bonuses in Beasty Blox games include free spins and the Gigablox mechanism, while Super Staxx and wild multipliers during free spins are more rare.


Symbols for Gigablox are formed when reels combine at random throughout the game. These icons fall in squares as large as 4 by 4. Gigablox symbols are divided into 1×1-sized symbols for victory calculations. Gigablox may substitute for any paid symbol except wilds and diamonds, and can appear on reels with Super Staxx symbols. Each and every spin will have active Gigablox.

No Risk Turns

Beasty Blox’s diamond scatter symbols. Free games are triggered by landing at least 5 scatter symbols, with 1 or 2 spins revealed for each scatter. Free spins are guaranteed to be at least 6. Win multipliers of x2 or x3 are revealed by wilds during free spins, and wild multipliers add to one another. During the bonus round, wild multipliers are constantly in play and not tied to any one winning combination.

Excellent Staxx

Only during the bonus rounds may you use the Super Staxx symbols. Super Staxx symbols pay out like any random pay symbol, not just wilds or scatters. Super Staxx may disclose anywhere from two to five paths per symbol.

Slot Judgment for Beasty Blox and Gigablox

It’s a shame that the wonderful concepts introduced in Beasty Blox Gigablox didn’t show up more frequently or in larger numbers. For example, the ways to win pay scheme used in Super Staxx would make for a fantastic Gigablox game. The idea of striking Super Staxx with thousands of ways was quite exciting, but the game would have been more intriguing if it had been played with set paylines. It’s too bad Super Staxx didn’t make frequent appearances and didn’t seem to accomplish much when it did. Perhaps we just got lucky this time. Still, it’s early, so maybe Jelly will bust out Super Staxx again and give it more opportunities to shine in future Gigablox spots.

Also helpful are the wild multipliers that are always active throughout free spins, regardless of whether or not they contribute to a win. Kindness displayed. I can’t say how often the free spins feature really activated, but it didn’t do so that often. You get a feeling that the game is hiding some interesting content from you because it doesn’t want to give too much away. Players who are able to sit tight and use their kung fu skills to pry the greatest items from Beasty Blox Gigablox’s vice-like grip may be rewarded. With a maximum payoff of up to 5,000 times the wager, Jelly’s latest Gigablox offering is almost twice as lucrative as his last effort.

Beasty Blox Gigablox’s artwork is relaxing to look at, which might help pass the time. It wouldn’t have hurt, though, if there had been a little more teasing and, perhaps, more regular use of the features. Perhaps the game would have been more interesting if Super Staxx, the mode widely considered to be Beasty Blox’s most innovative feature, had been included in the initial release. There’s some excellent stuff here, but the constant stream of vanilla basic game spins may become old fast, and while Beasty Blox Gigablox is somewhere in the center of the Gigablox xylophone of slots, there are plenty of other alternatives that are considerably more explosively exciting.

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